Please file your claim (without reference to any insurance policy) using the electronic claim form on our website

The bankruptcy of Gable Insurance AG affects about 130,000 policyholders. The Trustee in Bankruptcy is obliged to identify all entitled creditors, on the one hand, and to seize all assets of the company, on the other hand. This will take a lot of time. At the moment, it is impossible to say when this process will be completed.

If you are neither a policyholder nor an insured/a beneficiary with a claim under an insurance contract nor an injured third party with a direct right of action against Gable Insurance AG, your claim will not be treated as privileged in the bankruptcy proceedings. Non-privileged bankruptcy claims will be satisfied only if the privileged insurance claims are fully covered.

Whether your claim can be paid and at what ratio also depends on whether the assets of the company are sufficient to pay this once the policyholders have been satisfied. Unfortunately, it is not possible to issue a statement on this at the present time.

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According to information that is currently available to the Trustee in Bankruptcy, insurance brokers collected the premiums of the policyholders. The insurance premiums represent part of the bankruptcy assets, and are consequently available to the bankrupt company for equal distribution amongst the creditors. Insurance brokers are not entitled to retain these assets, or to offset these against their own claims, or even to use these assets to settle claims. Insurance brokers are required to present statements of account, and must arrange for the assets to be returned to the bankrupt company.