As before, you can report your loss to your broker. If this is not possible for whatever reason, please report your loss by e-mail to

If your claim (recognised loss or premium refund) is not settled by a national guarantee scheme in your country, please file it using the electronic claim form on our website

The bankruptcy of Gable Insurance AG affects about 130,000 policyholders. The Trustee in Bankruptcy is obliged to identify all entitled creditors, on the one hand, and to secure all assets of the company, on the other hand. This will take a lot of time. At the moment, it is impossible to say when this process will be completed.

As a policyholder, you are a privileged creditor, which means that you will be compensated before all other creditors. The settlement of your claim and the rate of this settlement depend on whether the remaining assets of the company will be sufficient. Unfortunately, this cannot be confirmed at the moment.

That depends on the kind of insurance you have taken out with Gable Insurance AG and your country of residence.

You can find an overview of the various guarantee funds on the aforementioned website under ‚ÄúNational Guarantee Schemes”.

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