Please use this form only for registering claims from an insurance contract. For any other claim use the following form: File a claim for non policyholders

Policy number (mandatory)
If a client has concluded several insurance contracts (policies), then a separate dataset for each policy should be registered.

Salutation (optional)

First name (optional)
If forename and surname are not available separately (e.g. in the case of a company), the forename field must be left empty

Surname (mandatory)
Company name or family name, please without academic title

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Telephone number including countrycode (optional)

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Bank account / Bank name (mandatory)

BIC (mandatory)

IBAN (mandatory)

Premium refund (optional)
Sum of reclaimed premium; for calculation, please add attachment

Claim (optional)
Claim sum from insurance benefit

Currency (mandatory)

Claim status (optional)

Interest (optional)
Interest claim sum. Please enter only digits

Interest reason
Type and reason for the interest claim / calculation from due date until 17.11.2016 / please note: there is no interest on premium refund
Other reason
Nature and reason for the other benefit

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