Will my claim be paid in full?

The answer to this question depends firstly on whether you have asserted an insurance claim. A claim constitutes an insurance claim if you, as policyholder, beneficiary, insured or injured third party with a direct right of action against Gable Insurance AG, assert a claim arising from a loss event or if your claim concerns a premium owed under an insurance contract cancelled before the opening of bankruptcy proceedings. Insurance claims are privileged claims. This means they are satisfied before all other claims.

If your claim is a claim for reimbursement of unused premiums that arose due to the opening of bankruptcy proceedings and therefore on or after that date, it does not constitute a privileged insurance claim but instead a fourth-class bankruptcy claim. Non-privileged bankruptcy claims will be satisfied only if the privileged insurance claims are fully covered.

Whether your claim can be paid and at what ratio also depends on whether the remaining assets of the company are sufficient to cover this. Unfortunately, it is not possible to issue a statement on this at the present time.