Newsletter No. 5

Registering premium refunds

In conjunction with the deadline for registering your claims of 1 September 2018, we take this opportunity to inform all former insured persons who could be entitled to claim a “pro rata temporis” refund of their paid premiums as follows:

No automatic registration of claims

Pursuant to Art. 161 Para. 5 of the Liechtenstein Insurance Supervision Act, (“VersAG”), insurance claims that are ascertainable in the financial records of the insurance company are considered to have been registered.

We herewith draw your attention to the fact that no claims of insured persons are properly ascertainable in the financial records of Gable Insurance AG in bankruptcy. For this reason, in particular, it is not possible to register premium refunds automatically.

We therefore kindly ask you to register your premium refunds together with the necessary documented evidence (at your own initiative) directly using the electronic form. In this conjunction, please note the instructions that are contained in the form.

In order to prevent mistakes being made when calculating the premium refund, we also remind you that your insurance contract was dissolved by law on 16 December 2016. This means 16 December 2016 is the effective date for calculating the share of the premium that you may be entitled to reclaim.