File a claim form online

Further to our communication concerning the notification of your claim against Gable Insurance AG in bankruptcy we would like to inform you as follows:


  • For registering a claim based upon an insurance contract (e.g. premium refund or damage claim) please use the following form:
  • Please be informed that in the event of a non adjusted damage claim we would like to ask you to contact your broker in order to get assistance regarding claims notification and/or claims handling.
  • In respect of existing claims, policyholders must continue to liaise with their brokers and/or Gable AG claims handling agent/representative.
  • ENSTAR (EU) Limited (“ENSTAR”) has been appointed as Gable AG’s overall run-off manager.  Thus, in the event that no other claims representative has been appointed, policyholders may contact ENSTAR at


  • For registering a claim which is not based upon an insurance contract (e.g. Claims of Brokers or any third parties) please use the following form:

The forms are now available on our web-site . Many thanks for your most appreciated cooperation.